Business Compliance Worrisome

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Trade and consumer affairs director, Ms Rosina Bogatsu says her ministry faces violation and non-compliance to statutes that regulate business operations in the North West District (NWD)

Speaking at a consumer awareness event recently in Maun, Ms Bogatsu said the North West District registered compliance level of 57 per cent and 81 per cent between April and September 2013. “Low compliance levels were experienced in April, August and September 2013 and in August and September 2014,” she said.

Ms Bogatsu stated that sale of liquor before and after prescribed hours, trading with expired licenses, consumption of liquor at unauthorized area were some of the rampant common offences in the District.She further said the inspection teams experienced challenges such as engagement of people who were not conversant with the business which limited provision of information to the inspectors.

Ms Bogatsu added that the other challenge the inspectors realised was the use of same employees in different shops thus providing falsified details of levels of employment. However, Ms Bogatsu said her ministry would continue to take action against businesses that commit offences.

She observed that it was their mandate to ensure that there were fair business practices in terms of services provided by the business community. Ms Bogatsu further implored the business community to familiarise themselves with all the statutes that regulate business operations in Botswana. BOPA

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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