All Are Candidates of Disability – Official

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Everyone is a candidate of disability which can come across as a result of diseases, accident or old age, says the principal disability officer in the Office of the President, Ms Moshia Moalosi.

Officially opening the Thuto-Boswa Recreation and Rehabilitation Centre inaugural career fair in Ramotswa recently, Ms Moalosi said it was important for people to treat those living with disabilities with utmost care and love.

She urged all Batswana to change their attitude towards people living with disabilities as they are also valuable members of the society who have something to give back to the community.

Ms Moalosi said that the world over, the international community is talking about the inclusion of the people with disability.

However Botswana has moved a step ahead and has come up with an affirmative action for people living with disabilities.

She said people living with disabilities are given priority if they possess required qualifications for a job in government, as well as being awarded government tertiary scholarship at lowered points.

For his part, the coordinator of Thuto-Boswa Recreation and Rehabilitation Centre, Mr Best Mosadi said the centre is unknown and unappreciated although it has been in existence since 1981.

He however said they had been admitting students but their efforts were thwarted by shortage of resources such as accommodation.

The centre offers core courses on textile, horticulture and leather works and there are non-core courses such as beekeeping, poultry and non- formal education, he said.

For her part, the Ministry of Education and Skill Development official, Ms Onkgomoditse Makgonatsotlhe stressed the importance of skills development, saying it could help people living with disabilities to have a source of income.

She said the ministry annually gives Thuto Boswa a grant to support skills development courses offered by the centre.

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Source : Botswana Daily News

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