Cattle roaming Gaborone an eyesore


Gaborone City councilors have expressed concern at the increasing number of stray animals roaming the streets and posing as a danger to road users.

Statistics from the city council indicate that between October and November this year 800 herds of livestock were impounded whilst roaming the streets.
“Our City has turned into a cattle post and action needs to be taken,” said the City Council Mayor Haskins Nkaigwa.

To fight the challenge the City council has engaged 22 temporary employees to assist the council herdsmen in impounding and looking after such livestock. Two additional vehicles have been added to transport officers who will be supervising the employees.

Nkaigwa said they are engaging nearby districts to discuss these issues and they hopeful that the resolutions made will bear fruits. Councilor for Old Naledi North, Ntebaleng Modise said she has long complained that Naledi has turned into a cattle post but no one paid attention to her plea hence some of the animals breed there have gone astray and rooming the City.

“Tswaragano School has already turned into a kraal and the animals are affecting the students whilst they are studying,” she said adding that she hopes that the plan to curb the problem will ease the situation.

Meanwhile councilor Modise said that the lack of lighting in the streets is worrying especially now that it is the festive period. “We need lighting in Naledi especially for this period because now thieves will have an opportunity to strike because they will be covered by the dark.”