Chairman Calls for Team Work

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Newly elected Palapye Sub-council chairman, Mr Lesedi Phuthego, has encouraged team work between councillors and employees.

Officially opening the first sub-council meeting on November 24, Mr Phuthego said public employees had a role to implement council policies and programmes therefore the political wing should cooperate with them.

He said councillors’ role was to ensure that employees implemented council policies and programmes and should work together to ensure that their respective communities benefit from these. “Our job as councillors is not to point fingers at employees,” he said.

He said if they did so, this will compromise service delivery. Mr Phuthego who is also councillor for Mogome-Mokgware said the success of the council was upon excellent service delivery by both councillors and public employees.

Councillors were briefed on the National Development Plan (NDP) 11 and District Development Plan (DDP) eight, however most of them were not impressed with the submissions made. However one of the planners, Mr Fernando Gabaitatole said consultations were still ongoing as such the report was not final.

Councillors complained that some projects that were deferred in the NDP 10 due to the economic recession were not in the submissions. They said the draft report should have included all the deferred projects.

Mr Gabaitatole informed them that deferred projects were no longer a priority therefore some of them were not in the plan. He said these submissions were going to be submitted at Central District Council where all the reports will be consolidated into one report with priority projects.

Councillors for Palapye said they passed a motion in the last council meeting calling on the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development to declare Palapye a township. They said it was high time Palapye became independent of CDC so that it runs its own development projects.

They said Palapye was still lagging behind in developments citing the challenge of untarred internal access roads, lack of storm water drainage and street lights.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News