Childline, Mosele legal services sign deal

| September 21, 2015

Childline Botswana has signed a one-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Mosele legal services. Speaking at the signing ceremony in Gaborone recently, Childline psycho social support coordinator, Ms Onkemetse Montsheki, said the deal came at the right time, because the organisation needed legal advice support.

“We once accompanied one child victim to court, in which she was giving testimony on a defilement case. Unfortunately the evidence given to court was nullified because of technicalities” she said.

Ms Montsheki said the court declared evidence void because the child gave the testimony while not under oath. She said such situations frustrated them as custodians of the children.

“But with this gesture, now we have hope. Imagine a six year old denied justice because they were not under oath” she said. However, Ms Montsheki explained that the future looked better with regards to issues pertaining to legal processes.

Mosele Legal services’ Mr Base Sebonego said they were proud to be the first legal service provider in the country to be involved with such movement.

He said their primary role since he formed the legal entity was to afford every citizen a legal representative. “From my experiences as a board chair of Childline, we decided to get involved with this gesture entirely to help Child line with regard to legal issues because I understand what they are going through” he said.

He explained that the idea for now is just a piloting project, therefore engaging only three of the NGOs. “We decided to give Childline, Youth Health Organisation and Kagisano society free legal advice for a year” he said. He further said the intention was to include more NGOs in future.

Mr Sebonego said the deal was extended to the employees of selected NGOs.

According to him, it was vital for the employees to have peace of mind because of the work they were doing.

“It would be an understatement for me to recognise people who take care of this children as employees, what this people are doing is humanitarian work” he said.

Therefore, he said they saw it important to extend the deal to cover them. Mr Sebogelo said they hoped the gesture would motivate the employees.

Mr Olebile Machete, the vice chairman of Botswana Council of Non-Governmental Organisations (BOCONGO) expressed profound gratitude towards the gesture put forward by Mosele despite the current bad business state in the World.

Mr Machete said NGOs were facing several challenges.

“During the 80s and the 90s we were heavily depended on international aid, but the scales have since tilted to now saying Botswana is able to support itself” he said.

Mr Machete explained the scenery now meant that Botswana had enough resources to aid itself, which basically meant international aid pulling out.

“However, on the ground we are also faced with struggles like what the studies have since projected that Batswana are one of the unhappiest people in the world” commented Machete. He said while in comparison Botswana also have one of the highest GDP per Capita in the world.

“This projects a huge disparity, we have a country doing remarkably well economically but have people who are not happy”, Machete added by saying “we are talking of various social ills of huge propositions”.

Mr Machete described that NGO’s are going through a difficult time, seeing off many of them closing because of lack of resources. He said some work with limited resources to nothing, something he said makes it impossible for them to deliver the right services to where they were needed.

“BOCONGO always celebrate as a huge milestone when we see the corporate sector reaching out as Mosele legal services is doing” he said.

Mr Machete who also serves as an officer at Child line Botswana, further said since the enactment of Botswana children’s act (2009) the ground for parenting have changed.

“We have experienced an upsurge for legal demand, of which Child line unfortunately cannot offer” applauding Mosele for the kind gesture which he said will help with the challenge.

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