Chinese Association Donates to Old Naledi Children

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The Chinese Enterprise Association (CEA), through AAP Home Based and Family Care, donated P40 000 and food hampers to the less privileged children of Old Naledi in Gaborone.

CEA president, Mr Zhang Can said they aimed at building a solid foundation for the children and investing in their future. The association’s intention was to help every child to have a safe and loving home and grow up as free, healthy and independent individuals.

Mr Zhang expressed hope that the money would help the organisation to take care of the children and also pledged to continue supporting the organisation with food hampers and financially every year. Receiving the donation, AAP founding coordinator, Ms Martha Rampa said such donations would help children to have a better quality life.

She said the CEA involvement would go a long way to ensure that children in the AAP network were able to carve out their destiny and realise their full potential.

For her part, the AAP secretary, Ms Lee-Anne Bell thanked the CEA for their support noting that their contribution will go a long way since she believed that “if a positive difference can be made in one person’s life, it can affect the lives of many others.”

The organisation has been working with Village Development Committees (VDC) and social workers to identify and register less privileged people particularly children in different villages. AAP has almost 100 volunteers and over 2 000 registered children on their programme.

It provides support to the wider community, including feeding and clothing, providing nursing care, counselling and general support to destitute and terminally ill patients.

The programme cares for orphans from Old Naledi (Gaborone), Sikwane, Mantshwabisi, Monwane, Serinane, Segwagwa and Mmanoko.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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