City Council Goes Tough On Vehicle Owners

| November 24, 2014 | 0 Comments

Gaborone City Council will start impounding vehicles or properties left by their owners on the city’s road reserves.

The city attorney, Mr Sono Seisa said in an interview that people should be aware that all roads in the city were owned by the council and therefore abandoning vehicles on the road reserve was an offence and owners would be charged a fee if they wanted to collect them from the city council’s premises after after being impounded.

Mr Seisa said the council was aware that some streets were fully packed with abandoned vehicles and said they had impounded some vehicles in the past and even this time around they could have long done the same but it was delayed by the tender processes for the towing companies.

He said the awarding of tenders to towing companies is nearing completion and that soon they will be issuing court orders to owners and start impounding those vehicles found in public places. He cited some streets in Broadhurst industrial, Haile Selassie Road and Gaborone West industrial.

Mr Seisa said owners would be required to pay the towing fee which was P783 in the last operation and the fee might change depending on the new tender arrangement and they would also be required to pay the penalty fee of P500 and storage charge.

He said the exercise would be extended to residential roads where they had discovered that some trucks and excavators had been long parked by the roads reserve and said this is not allowed at all costs and said the operation would also target those who put their sign boards besides the roads without any license to do that.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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