Companies Encourage Entrepreneurship Spirit

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Ngwana Enterprises Ltd in collaboration with Noko Mashaba, a South African entrepreneur and Fluid Academics from United States of America have encouraged Francistown students to learn to create value in order to be successful entrepreneurs.

Briefing media houses and students in Francistown recently, Ngwana Enterprises chief executive officer, Mr Mooketsi Tekere encouraged students to have an entrepreneur’s mindset at an early age.

Mr Tekere shared more in-depth and citing what drove innovation and economic growth in the entrepreneurial world and best practices for improving entrepreneurship for learners using rock star, Noko Mashaba as an example.

He urged students to use their talent and change them into the profitable businesses.Mr Tekere stated that knowledge is in the western world while resources were abundant in Africa. He pleaded with them to build an effective value creating systems that solve problems for others.

Fluid Academics entrepreneur, Mr Blake Murry stated that his aim was to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor. Mr Murry further said entrepreneurship was needed in Botswana looking at the fact that there were more resources and plenty of talent.

He encouraged students to have g identities that could support them if something wants to push them out. For his part, Mr Jonas Lekganyane, founder of the cartoon character, Noko Mashaba said he came to Botswana to support and inspire students to start their own enterprises.

He showed students Noko Mashaba cartoon videos to share with them the benefits of believing in one’s own creativity.

Mr Lekganyane said Noko Mashaba cartoons will go a long way to develop and encourage the mind set of most of the children in Botswana who should also be given the chance to start thinking about creating their own products.

Demonstrations were carried out during the sessions to allow participants to present their business ideas. The participants were also given an opportunity to network and collaborate with each other.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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