Convert Research Into Products – Boccim Chief

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Botswana is not doing well in innovation hence the need to adopt a well-structured approach to strike partnerships with the private sector to convert research into products.

Botswana Confederation of Commerce and Industry (BOCCIM) chief executive officer, Ms Maria Machailo -Ellis said this at the launch of two newly developed products at Maranyane house on December 9.

Ms Machailo-Ellis said, “it does not matter how many brilliant professors or doctors we have, these researches must be turned into products. The key is harnessing partnerships between the government, universities, research institutions and the private sector to produce high tech products.”

The two newly developed products included a computerised Morabaraba Game as well as Seding TM Street lights instituted by the Botswana Institute for Technology Research and Innovation (BITRI).

Ms Machailo-Ellis said although Botswana was a middle income economy, the nation was still at a stage where it fails to convert research into products.

She said it was imperative to form solid partnerships between government, research institutions and the private sector which could propel industry to greater heights, akin to helpful numerous technological innovations that were currently happening in banks, where through the use of technology banking could be done at fingertips.

The BOCCIM chief executive officer also encouraged BITRI to bring out convincing stories to the private sector that could lure them to come on board to fund research. “Make them see the reason why they must invest in research, buttress how the product will boost their business,” she stated.

She commended BITRI on coming up with the two new innovations and encouraged the institution to harness indigenous knowledge by going all out across the nation to produce high end technologies.

For his part, BITRI executive director technologies, Prof Shedden Masupe said, “Government expects high standard technology solutions that maximise the beneficiation of local authorities, that better lives of Batswana,” adding that the two products were a testimony that BITRI was living up to expectation.

He said the improved Seding-solar street lights which were recently launched by Vice President, Mr Mokgweetsi Masisi in Diphuduhudu village were cost effective and durable.

Those lights, he said could be used in cattle-posts, lands, bus stops, parking areas, walkways, shops and workshops.

The newly technologically developed Morabaraba Game which can be accessed through mobile devices-android gadgets and not functional in iphones can help in development of mental faculties, thought, memory, imagination and processes, problem solving skills and many others.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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