Cooperation Need to Developed to Encourage ICT Innovation: Say ICT Experts

Addis Ababa Cooperation among stakeholders in Ethiopia is crucial to encourage innovation and startups in the ICT industry, experts said.

ICT experts who are attending the ICT Expo Ethiopia being held in Addis Ababa emphasized the need for cooperation among businesses, government and other stakeholders to develop innovations and startups.

Information and Communication Technology Ethiopia Association (ICT-ET) Vice President, Yilkal Abate told ENA the need for cooperation in the sector in order to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship.

The concept of cooperation in the social side is very strong [in the country], but we lag behind in terms of business and start up, he said.

ICT-ET, an Addis Ababa based private company, is among the companies that are attending the expo, kicked off on June 6 and lasts for five days.

He emphasized on the need to work on the culture of companies and stakeholders in the industry to forge cooperation to encourage entrepreneurs for the transformation of ICT innovation in the country.

iCog labs, a team of software professionals, dedicated to advancing the frontier of artificial intelligence research and applications and delivering quality products to customers, based in Addis Ababa, is another company that take part in the expo.

Getnet Assefa, iCog labs co-founder, agreed on the need for coordination among stakeholders, if the industry need to be flourished.

ICT innovation is possible in the country; but it needs interest, commitment and struggle by all stakeholders, he said mentioning that the country is rich with talented youth.

Ethiopia has high potential for technological innovations if inputs that are important for the industry including finance and ICT infrastructure fulfilled, he said.

However, Getnet stressed the need for strong coordination among stakhelders including the government as infrastructure development and other inputs need huge investment.

If young entrepreneurs are not supported by the government, companies and stakeholders, they will be disappeared and hurts the country’s technological development, he noted.

Selam Kebede, ICT expert from Antler, a Global company, said that external enabling environment is as important as the mind set of entrepreneurs for ICT development.

It is better that the government, non governmental organizations and companies to work cooperatively in developing enabling environments and in supporting new entrepreneurs and innovators, she stated.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency