Dedication Pays for Letlotlo

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Critical times are not for those with a faint heart but for those who can confront the storms of life. Even affluent tycoons always give the testimony of struggles in their biographical books.

That may provide a clue as to why the Bible says ‘if you fail in the time of aersity, your strength is small’. However, some youth in Botswana have failed to accept this reality. Scourge of unemployment seems to have imposed eternal death on their dreams.

Therefore they opted to indulge in wayward conduct such as alcohol consumption as a remedial measure despite the government effort to empower them through youth aimed empowerment schemes.

Nevertheless, Ms Onkemetse Letlotlo a native of Lehututu has not permitted the saga of unemployment to deepen her sorrow in life. Her story of struggle started back in 1995 when she did not do well in Junior Certificate examination. Needless to mention, her dream of a planned career was short-lived. Subsequently she was forced to depend much on menial jobs for survival.

Ms Letlotlo, a devoted Christian described her hardship by then as a hell on earth. She further explained that there were times when she was left with no choice but to swallow her pride and worked as a cashier in local bars. Being exhausted by menial jobs, she opted to run her own business but devoid of capital to kick-start it emerged as a stumbling block.

However credit should go to a certain pastor who offered her financial assistance of P300.With that amount of cash, she bought her first stock consisting of airtime, snacks, various sweets packages and vegetables.

Life suddenly changed for the better. The 32-year old single mother of five is now operating her tiny business at the bus stop under the mokala tree where she seems to be comfortable.

Ms Letlotlo highlighted that she selected the bus stop in Lehututu as her place of operation because there is a lot of movement and customers can easily identify her business. “The location of my business is good because a bus stop is a busy place,” she said.

She starts her business day in early hours of morning and knocks off late in the afternoon when she pulls her table to the nearby home stand. Through the help of her business, Ms Letlotlo can now take care of her five children despite the challenge of people who fail to settle their debts well in time.

“Even though they take long time to pay, I am patient with them because they are crucial to my business,” she confessed with a smile on her face.

Ms Letlotlo believes that her situation is a stepping ladder to quenching her thirst of being a successful entrepreneur, adding that her little enterprise experience is a building block to greater things in future.

She once tried Youth Development Fund but her application was turn down citing the reasons that her business proposal can only be funded by CEDA. She however, did not despair as she later applied for catering service under poverty eradication.

“Things are promising because Social and Community Development(SampCD) officials are busy in mass assessment and I am optimistic that the outcome of their assessment will be music to my ear,” she said. Ms Letlotlo encourages other youth who have similar problems not to despair but to try their luck in youth empowerment schemes such as YDF and CEDA.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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