Deputy High Commissioner Applauds Botswana

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The British deputy high commissioner, Mr Oliver Richard has applauded Botswana for devoting significant resources to provide education.

Speaking at the 30th anniversary and official opening of Maunatlala Junior Secondary School recently, Mr Richard said for years government spent more than 20 per cent of its entire budget on education.

He said in 1966 when Botswana got its independence there were 1 500 junior and secondary school students and 40 years later the number of students was 140 000. One hundred times bigger, he said.

He said that this shows that the government has demonstrated considerable foresight and looking to the long term, made substantial investment in education.

He said schools like Maunatlala were a direct result of the Thema commission in the mid-1970s which basically recommended universal education for every child and spurred investment in junior secondary schools.

He commended the government for the Thema commission initiative which allowed every Motswana to have a chance to study and to give themselves a head start in life.

Mr Richard encouraged Maunatlala secondary school students to work hard and make the most of the opportunity that government was giving them.

He also encouraged them to study hard to give themselves options for the future.

He said the United Kingdom has played and continues to play a major role on Botswana’s education sector. He however said the British High Commission and its sister organization, the British Council will continue to support the government.

He also said that he was delighted to hear that British government had supported the establishment of Maunatlala school by funding the construction of three of the classrooms.

“I am equally delighted that the education partnership with Maunatlala school continues today through the British Council’s connecting classrooms program,” he said.

He said the program has made a major impact in dozens of school in the country.

Mr Richard said in higher education, there are a large number of British professional and educational training associations making their mark in Botswana in partnership with Botswana institutions.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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