‘DIS not after Kgafela’

Directorate of Intelligence Services (DIS) chief Isaac Kgosi has refuted allegations that they are on a mission to assassinate Bakgatla Paramount Chief, Kgosi Kgafela II.

Weekend newspaper reports indicated that the Bakgatla leader claimed through a letter addressed to the Minister of Defence, Justice and Security Ramadeluka Seretse that DIS is conspiring with South African Intelligence agents to assassinate him.
But Kgosi this week disputed this claims. Asked by Public Accounts Committee  (PAC) member Kentse Rammdi why they want to kill Kgafela, the spy boss said, “it will never happen in this country. These are things that we don’t do.”

The DIS boss even questioned the authenticity of the letter. “I am not even sure that correspondence came from Kgafela,” he told the PAC committee Thursday.

Kgosi revealed that him and Kgafela communicate whenever the latter wants to raise issues with him (Kgosi). “Kgafela has my number he calls me and discuss issues.”

Kgafela is said to have revealed in his letter that his family representatives met with Kgosi in Johannesburg on 15th May 2013, where they have sought to caution him against the unlawful activities of his agents and his relentless pursuit of the Bakgatla traditional leader. 

However Rammidi who explained that he asked the question so that DIS can clear the issue advised Kgosi not to dismiss such issues at face value.