Ditched hubby claims ex-wife carried semen from Matlhabaphiri

| June 27, 2013

A damning allegation about the discovery of a black beanie smeared in semen will be a central piece of evidence in the unfolding home wrecking court case between Gaotlhaetse Matlhabaphiri and his accuser Simon Tafi when the case returns to Molepolole customary court on an unspecified date.
If discovered, the beanie will help tribal authorities decide the matter in which Tafi is demanding P36 000 from the Assistant Minister of Health whom he accuses of wrecking his marriage with his estranged wife, Mmaonene, who worked as a maid at Matlhabaphiri’s Molepolole residence between April and 10th November 2009. The case got a whole lot messier early this week when Tafi told Batlokwa Deputy Chief presiding over the case, Spokes Gaborone, how his wife had openly bragged about having had sex with Matlhabaphiri.
In what is arguably the most horrifying and graphic detail of a marriage gone sour, Tafi – with a face that betrays no sign of emotion – narrated to a fully packed Molepolole customary court how Matlhabaphiri, who is also the Member of Parliament for Molepolole North, was accustomed to dropping off his estranged wife in the wee hours of the morning. Of particular interest was one morning of an unspecified date when, upon returning home, Mmaonene allegedly bragged to an inquisitive Tafi how she had had a sex romp with the legislator. Tafi said Mmaonene had reached for a black beanie (mmese o montsho, in his own words) and gingerly wiped her private area to expose what she claimed to be the Assistant Minister’s secretions.
Kgosi Gaborone postponed the case last Friday on the grounds that Tafi should seek medical examination of an unspecified nature to determine if he is “fit” to continue with the case. Below is the cross examination between Gaborone and Tafi who claimed in court to have recovered from stress following the breakdown of his marriage.

GABORONE (GABS): Have you ever caught Matlhabaphiri sleeping with your wife?
Tafi: No, but he once brought my wife home at 1.30 in the morning.
GABS: You said your wife wiped her genitals with a black beanie and showed you Matlhabaphiri’s semen. How did you know the semen came from Matlhabaphiri?
Tafi: Because Mmaonene said so.
GABS: How did you know Matlhabaphiri has semen?
Tafi: Because he is a man.
GABS: How many times have you had sex with your wife?
Tafi: I don’t know, many times.
GABS: Don’t you know how your wife’s secretion looks like?
Tafi: No, women don’t produce sperms.
GABS: How do you differentiate your sperms from those of Matlhabaphiri?
Tafi: I can’t.
GABS: Why didn’t you take the black beanie to a doctor for DNA?
Tafi: I didn’t think about that.
GABS: But you believed they were Matlhabaphiri’s sperms?
Tafi: Yes!
GABS: Where are the sperms?
Tafi: This happened in 2009. I don’t know where the beanie is.
GABS: How do you expect me to help you when you leave key evidence behind?
Tafi: Matlhabaphiri is here to help me

(Court laughs)
GABS: What evidence is there to prove that Matlhabaphiri wrecked your marriage and that he is guilty?
Tafi: Because I lost my wife. She once came home at 1.30 in the morning
GABS: Are you in a good state of mind, have you been ill?
Tafi: Yes, I have been poisoned twice in drink and in water.
GABS: Have you recovered from the poisoning?
Tafi: Not sure
GABS: How can we help you?
Tafi: I will have to go see the doctor in South Africa.
GABS: Why South Africa?
Tafi: I am afraid of this man (pointing at Matlhabaphiri)

(Laughter continues)
GABS: Should we end this case?
Tafi: No!

At this point, Tafi loses his cool and makes a passionate plea to Gaborone not to take sides. Gaborone expresses concern that he cannot proceed with the case as he has observed that Tafi needs medical attention. However, he declines to divulge the nature of attention Tafi requires. The case is postponed to a date to be determined.




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