Dobe Border Post to Remain Temporary (


Minister of Labour and Home Affairs, Mr Edwin Batshu says making the Dobe Border Post a permanent border is not viable.

Addressing staff of security forces at the border post recently, Mr Batshu said the government would consider having a fully-fledged border once traffic volumes increased. He said he was happy that the road to the border post had been developed and that tourists use it.

He said the use of the border post was also being boosted by the Qwihaba Caves, noting that tourists visiting the caves use it to cross to Namibia.

Reports from the Department of Immigration show that from February to July this year, 1 788 people entered the country using the border post while 1 533 exited the country using the border post. The minister said the joint permanent commission with Namibia facilitates movement and control of cross-border related crimes and poaching.

Gumare Police Station Commander, Superintendent Phillip Lopang decried that the border post building was small and does not have a waiting room.

He said joint patrols were faced with challenges such as officers from other departments not being authorised to cross the border. Supt Lopang revealed that they would launch another patrol initiative which would see them spending two days in Botswana and two days in Namibia.

The area councillor, Mr Lele Sokwe urged the minister to extend the border post’s operating hours to 6pm, adding that people camp at the border as the operating hours were too short.

Minister Batshu also addressed a kgotla meeting in Qangwa where he informed villagers about the civil and national registration as well as immigration and citizenship issues.