Dolly says she was always a hated daughter

Dolly Monareng says from as young as she can remember she felt unwanted and was treated badly by her mother Motlalepula.

“Things got worse when she met a new man and started a family with him. I had to go stay with my grandmother, where I am still staying today!” she says.

According to Dolly, over the years, the fights got nastier and the relationship with her mother deteriorated so much that they were always at police stations and customary courts.

Even the extended family failed to reconcile them. The tipping point, she says, was when her grandmother who died after a long illness left her the home where she is currently residing.

“My mother went berserk and did everything imaginable to get rid of me so she could keep the land for herself, including going to traditional doctors. I can prove it,” Dolly told The Midweek Sun outside the Broadhurst Magistrate Courts.

The only thing she wants now is justice in whatever form it will come.
“She can rot in jail for all I care, maybe she will come out remorseful and a better human being.”