Dow Wants Qualifications Authority to Be Given Chance


The Ministry of Education and Skills Development’s assistant minister, Dr Unity Dow has rejected a motion calling for an appointment of a task team to establish if all private tertiary institutions in Botswana have attained required organisational attributes.

In the motion tabled by Okavango MP, Mr Bagalatia Arone, the gripe was that not much had been done to ensure that the provision of higher quality education was done through tertiary institutions, and as such, a task team should be assigned to see to it that they complied as prescribed in their accreditations.

Dr Dow said Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA) and Human Resources Development Council (HRDC) Acts were not even a year old, yet she was being asked to establish something the two bodies did.

She said the motion was ill-conceived because it was not backed by any motive behind it as the mover could not even mention any of the bogus institution he referred to.

“BQA has a board of 13 members who do exactly what the mover of the motion is asking this Parliament to do,” she said, adding that it was an unfair comment to suggest that MPs had got no love for learners.

Dr Dow said periodically BQA put forward invitations for comments by members of the public on institutions asking to be accredited and that they also regularly put lists of accredited institutions.

She said, of course, some of such institutions could be failing to comply as expected, but she said cheats should be reported to relevant authorities rather setting up a task team to investigate one or two cases.

Responding to the same motion, MP for MoshupaManyana, Mr Mokgweetsi Masisi said BQA and HRDC were established to deal technically and proficiently with irregularities in tertiary institutions.

Mr Masisi suggested that the debate would have been better and illuminated if there was proof of irregularities by such institutions.

“Even if the task team was to be set up, we would still have students complaining to MPs about their ‘frustrations’. It is wrong to say, just because students are calling for assistance regarding their needs, it means we are not interested in their grievances,” he argued.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News