DPSM to Review Scarces Skill Allowance

The Minister of Transport and Communications, Mr Tshenolo Mabeo has told Parliament that his ministry is not in any way reluctant to implement government directives as they are mandatory by nature.

Mr Mabeo said the savingram referred to granted authority for officers holding diploma in accounting qualifications and employed in accounting positions to earn scares skill allowance in ministries and government departments or agencies as listed.

However, he said the Ministry of Transport and Communications was not included in the list. Mr Mabeo, therefore, noted that revenue collectors were not eligible to be paid scares skill in line with the stated DPSM savingram.

He said his ministry was aware that DPSM was working on the holistic review of scarces skill allowance and would await the completion of the exercise.

The MP for Francistown West, Mr Ignatius Moswaane had asked the minister if he was aware that his ministry was reluctant to implement government directives.

Mr Moswaane also wanted to know when the revenue collector with relevant qualifications would be paid scare skills allowance as per savingram Ref: DP 19/96/3 III (32) dated 31st March 2014.