Drug abuse concern

Captive Eye and Youth in Action will embark in an Anti-Alcohol and Drug Abuse campaign across Botswana to sensitise the youth on the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse which are a cause for concern among the youth.

Speaking at the launch of Anti Alcohol and Drug Abuse Campaign on Tuesday, the chief executive officer of Captive Eye and Youth in Action Society, Mr Percy Mothibi said they are concerned by the number of school drop outs and failure of students as a result of using alcohol and drugs as it is evident in the last year overall schools results.

He said the youth are the main target group as they are the ones who are implicated in this phenomena because they are most vulnerable to criminal activities under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Mr Mothibi highlighted that it is disheartening to find the educated out of school youth involved in drugs and alcohol abuse after the government has heavily invested some money in educating them hence does not reap anything from them which contributes to stagnant development.

The chief health officer in the Ministry of Health, Mr Phenyo Sebonego shared the sentiments adding that this moral decay is not only prevalent among the youth but also a concern among adults.

He said too much alcohol and drug indulgence has negative consequences in the lives of adults such as, pre-marital and unplanned pregnancies, domestic violence, and marital breakdown. Mr Sebonego decried that alcoholic advertisement such as clothing branded with alcoholic beverages lure the youth to temptation of using alcohol at an early stage consequently ruining their lives.

He applauded the government’s attempts to fight these social ills by introducing regulatory times of selling alcohol and banning home brewed alcoholic beverages.

He urged the youth who are already involved in alcohol and drugs to utilise available facilities such as rehabilitation centres as these can still help them change their behaviour and live a meaningful life.

For his part the Member of Parliament for Gaborone Central Dr Phenyo Butale said to fight this problem there should be collaboration between the parents, government and the private sector. He advised the youth to use support systems availed to them and make good choices in their lives if they want to shape the future ahead of them to become future leaders who can make Botswana proud.

Dr Butale said as a result of alcohol and drug abuse “the lives of some of our heroes have been ruined thus falling from heroes to zeros and some have even lost their lives.”

However Kgosi Keineetse Sebele of Phase 4 Kgotla in Gaborone West said despite the fact that it is imperative that evryone who commit crime has to face the wrath of the law, the youth who commit crime cannot be disowned.

He said it is “our moral obligation as Batswana to nurture well-groomed children who can not only benefit our country but also the world at large.”