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| September 6, 2015

The maverick stand-up comedians, Oefile ‘Mawee’ Mokgware and Nigerain Basket Mouth crazed out comic enthusiast at Molapo Piazza in Gaborone recently. The duo managed to set audience alight with incredible comic acts, hosted by the ever hilarious Michael Morapedi otherwise known as Dignash. The show marked a third day of the Gaborone international music and culture week.

The show started a bit late due to a low turn up to what seemed to have been expected, dully because of the chilly weather. However by 8 pm half of the piazza was occupied.

Half way through one of the acts by Nigma, the heavens opened up sending terrible chills of cold down to the audience. With less help from the piazza since it is an open space causing the event director to ask some attendees to move forth to the foot of the stage. Obviously Dignash being himself, mocking those who were reluctant to move from what was a cheap seat to a much expensive setting.

Basket Mouth mesmerised the audience with exceptional different materials. Born Bright Okpocha in Nigeria, aced up his act as he easily related his materials to the audience living up to his international standard. Just like most, he also took a jab on the water and electricity shortage.

However his act was different in sense that he said Batswana were ‘living the life’, unlike in his country where they had the worst scenarios. Nigeria is a hot place, unlike here in Botswana and I have seen most people have a light complexion. Nigeria is so hot everyone is black, even when you are light skinned no one can recognise because eventually you going be black joked Basket Mouth.

His accent worked magic for him, for the locals it seemed like watching Nigerian movie live on stage. For those not familiar with Basket Mouth, he is famous for the ‘there are two things involved’ joke.

Gabane born stand-up comic, Mawee was undoubtedly the best of the night. Even though most of his materials were recycled from what he used before, the audience lit up to his jokes. His advantage was the vernacular for which most of the audience appreciated. A much jolly witty Mawee energetic performance kept the audience warmed up, much to the spontaneous applause.

The opening act came through with Moshe, whom warmed up the audience with cheeky jokes relating with the socio behaviours related to Batswana. The order of the day being the lack of electricity and shortage of water in Gaborone.

How to describe a comedy show hosting one of Botswana’s heavyweight comedians, exceptional, event director himself being one of the most loved stand-up comics. It was surely an all-round stand-up comic.

G-West people, ke gone jaaka go jewa ntsa. Ke raya fela motho o jele ntsa, mme wa ntsa ke a mmona. Yo mongwe gatwe o jele tonki, tota yoo o feteletse joked Dignash sending the audience into a big guffaw.

He was referring to a one incident in which one man in Gaborone west is reported to have allegedly indulged in a sexual act with his neighbour’s dog. He said less thought of the dog act, the worst scenario was one who was charged for doing a donkey.

Olebogeng Tsiako came through with the second set, dubbed Nigma, the proclaimed Mongwato flaunting her assets what she described as a Mongwato gift. She put up a good act, her comics were mostly teasing Setswana songs describing them as naughty and sexually oriented.

Her peak act was definitely when she cracked the audience with her advert creative directing capabilities. I love adverts and my dream is to be a creative director I think I can make a good one. There are this other condoms called Smile I want to make a tagline for them, and am thinking ‘smile, you are in she joked much to the applause of the audience.

One of the lady acts was staged by the famous Maun born Rekunde, who failed to live up to the bar set by her colleague Mawee. Much anticipation from the audience failed to be fed, as she also recycled materials from what the audience seem to be aware of.

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