Duo takes local music to online customers

| September 3, 2015

Two innovative young minds, Seabelo Masasa and Oabona Gosalamang have invented a local online music store dubbed the NaomiiMusic. NaomiiMusic is a music website dedicated to Botswana artistes across all genres to help promote consumption of their music digitally.

This new development brings an opportunity for musicians to make money through sales of their works online. Speaking at the launch of the online store on Monday, director and partner, Oabona Gosalamang said this was an era where physical CD sales had gone down, hence the need for such development.

He said so far, 30 artistes had registered with NaomiiMusic, while they were looking forward to many more artistes to register.

Purchasing of music will be done through transaction services such as orange money and mascom my zaka, which Gosalamang said one has to buy a coupon that allows for a certain number of songs of choice.

Further, Gosalamang said every six months the artiste would get a 70 per cent share of the sales, while 30 per cent was for the business. Meanwhile, local hip hop artiste, KAST commended the founders of NaomiiMusic, noting that it was a long awaited and a great development in the Botswana music industry.

He also said this were the times where anything that was on line dominated everything, adding that the physical purchase of purchase of CDs and cassettes has drastically gone down, while online store would help Batswana sell more of their music.

On the other hand, Kearoma Rantao who happens to have already registered with NaomiiMusic, also welcomed this development, hence said that the best way to do it was to get Batswana know how to use the website.

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