Elections were unfair-Monchusi

| September 19, 2013

Leta Mosienyane, the underdog ahead of the Botswana Confederation of Commerce, Industry and Manpower (BOCCIM) elections trounced the incumbent, Alex Monchusi to become the new President at the elective general meeting this afternoon.

Monchusi, a chartered engineer complained after the elections that elections were unfair but did not elaborate. Mosienyane, an architect by profession beat Monchusi by 185 to 69, ensuring he become the man to guide the troubled business advocacy group for the next two years. Ahead of the elections, BOCCIM council was torn apart over the continuance of Executive Director Maria Machaillo-Ellis who the President accused of being insubordinate and failing to guide the secretariat. In a brief interview, the excited Mosienyane said the votes speak for themselves.

“Remember I was going into the elections as an underdog, the then President had all the chance to use the council success against me,” he said. Mosienyane said he will work hard to ensure that he iron differences between the council and the secretariat. “Actually I think the problems were more personal than professional,” he stressed. His ascendance to the Presidency does not mean he will sideline Monchusi backers.  Speaking to Botswana Guardian online, Monchusi said, the elections “were obviously not fair.”

He did not explain areas of concern with the voting process. Meanwhile, the secretariat was still compiling a list of winners which among others including Vice Presidents, treasurer and additional member at the time of writing.


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