Employees Donate to Less Fortunate

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Employees of the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture (MYSC) in Tsabong recently showed compassion by donating food hampers and clothing to one of the less fortunate members of society at McCarthy’s Rust.

The donation was received by Ms Lenah Blok, who also got his yard cleaned by the employees. Speaking during the handover ceremony, the ministry’s district coordinator, Ms Malebogo Mosala said that the donation would go a long way to help the community.

“It is our responsibility as a department to give back to the community that we serve. It is also our responsibility as members of the big family of Botswana to play our role in strengthening the safety net for the less fortunate members of the community,” she said.

Ms Mosala was hopeful that the donation would bring joy, peace, dignity and hope to the beneficiary and her family members.

She said that food and clothing are the basic necessities of life, which every person should have access to. They each contributed P2 every Friday starting last year to raise funds for the exercise.

Handing over the donation, Kgalagadi district commissioner, Mr Moemedi Letina said that the gesture by MYSC employees was a positive response towards achieving some of the Vision 2016 pillars, especially the compassionate, just and caring nation pillar.

He applauded the employees for seeing it necessary to give to the less fortunate and urged them to continue with their good deeds.

Mr Letina also noted that Kgalagadi is one of the regions that are hit by poverty hence the need for other organisations to join hands with government to combat abject poverty.

He also urged McCarthy’s Rust residents to utilise poverty eradication programs which are aimed at alleviating poverty, saying that such schemes are able to transform their lives for the better if properly utilised.

Meanwhile, Village Development Committee (VDC) chairperson, Mr Fani Tumaeletse appreciated the donation, saying it would promote the quality of life.

Mr Tumaeletse said such gestures help to strengthen relationships between employees and the community which is good for the development of both individuals and the community. He said they act as relief to government as they reduce the burden of solely dealing with poverty and dependence on government by people.

For her part, Ms Blok expressed gratitude for the gift she received, saying that it would sustain her life and bring a turn-around in her life, and a dignified life.

Ms Blok urged MYSC employees to continue with their good works and bring a smile to the faces of more less fortunate persons and provoke blessings from God as the saying goes ‘blessed is the hand that gives.’

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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