Entrepreneur Showers Govt With Praises

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A youthful entrepreneur has showered government with praises for creating an environment conducive for both young and old to engage in business activities and income generating projects.

Speaking in an interview, Ms Kgalalelo Jeremiah of Tsedinaana Investment located at Ga-Mongweotsile farms in Mmathethe said the P96 000 funding she got from Youth Development Fund has catapulted her life.

She said she started with 97 goats Tswana breeds which created self-employment for her as she was unemployed at the time of starting the project, stressing that she puts bread on the table through the goat business.

She said the importance of agriculture cannot be over emphasized as it is a source of livelihood for people from all walks of life and encouraged youth to venture into agricultural projects.

Ms Jeremiah said she sells for LIMID, syndicate farmers and individuals and her prices range between P700 and P1 000 for each goat. She said she has been in the business for three years and it shows that if it is given the attention it deserves it can go far.

However, she decried the recent drought saying it hampered the growth of her business saying. She said her goats declined to 50 during the drought season, but now the number has increased to 100 goats. She expressed optimism that her business will grow beyond the target because the number doubled after the drought season.

She said herd boys being not easily found and small stock disease occurrence are some of the challenges she encounters in running her business stressing that despite the challenges she puts bread on the table and can see the results of small stock farming.

Ms Jeremiah learnt business and resource management skills at Barolong Vocational Training Centre which she attributes to her successful running of the business.

She also runs a chicken business which she says is doing well and ploughs a five hectare field to augment proceeds from the goat business.She uses dogs to provide security for her farm which she says scare away predators and thieves.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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