Farmers Should Produce More – Official

| January 20, 2015

The department of crops under the Ministry of Agriculture has encouraged farmers around the country to pull up their socks to produce enough food for their households and to sell.

Speaking in an interview recently, Mr Mabusa Mosiame, the district coordinator in the department of crops said they were trying their level best to facilitate and educate farmers in ways of producing quality produce in their farms in order to make it in the markets.

Mr Mosiame said most farmers produce only for consumption, adding that they plough late and their crops do not produce quality yields yet the government provides seeds and fertilizers for free to them.

He said the department gives farmers seeds and fertilizers in the first week of August and hope that farmers will start ploughing in September and October to meet the first rains. Mr Mosiame noted that their department and the government’s mission is to provide seeds and fertilizers to farmers in order to provide food security and sufficiency per household and the country at large.

“We do encourage farmers to choose seeds that are suitable for their fields because some farmers plough at the lands and some in the wetlands (near rivers), and normally, maize is suitable for those at the wetlands, while beans and watermelons can be for those at the lands because it can withstand little water to survive,” he said.

He noted that it is high time that farmers take farming seriously, adding that some farmers plough small hectares while they have big fields and that reduces the production process and that will not fulfill the mission of the Ministry of providing “Food security to the Nation”.

Meanwhile, the Crop Production Officer, Ms Agatha Molefe said they are running around the clock to ensure that farmers get every help and assistance they need in their respective regions and extension areas, with the help of Field Administrators or Assistants in order to acquire good production from farmers.

“We challenge farmers to produce quality produce because there is a market around and schools buy farm produce like green maize, watermelon and beans from farmers as well as BAMB do buy from them,” she said.

Ms Molefe said many farmers do not grade their products and they find it difficult for them to sell their produce to buyers like BAMB. She noted that their district has experienced a shortage of tractors and that also makes things hard for farmers to produce more and quality products.

Ms Molefe said in 2013, they helped to transport few farmers’ yields from Gudigwa, Beetsha and Seronga to Shakawe and Maun for them to sell it to BAMB and other markets.

She added that the Department of Crops has improved its standards, noting that they want farmers to be productive in their farming.

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Source : Botswana Daily News

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