Fisherman stranded in Lake Ngami for three days

A fisherman from Etsha spent the first three and half days of the New Year hanging onto a log for dear life after his boat capsized in Lake Ngami. According to sources, December 31st was the last day for the fishing season.

On January 1st the unnamed fisherman had gone into the lake on his boat to remove his nets. It was on his return journey after he had removed the nets that he met trouble when his boat capsized.

With little options of swimming and any other ways of calling for help, the man found refuge on a log that was floating in the waters. It was his partner who raised the alarm and alerted the police after he learned about his friend’s disappearance. “Even after three days in the water, he still hung on for dear life despite the challenge of staying on water for that long,” said a source noting that rescuers were not optimistic about his chances for survival.

The police rescue team also had no clear indication of where to find him and missed rescuing him on January 3rd. “He saw the boat at a distance, but did not have the strength to scream. It was by sheer luck that there were no predators around such as crocodiles and hippos to end his life,” said a source.
Senior Superintendent Chabaesele Kesupetswe said the man was finally rescued at 11 AM on his fourth day in the water.

“The police found him perched on top of a log. He was treated for cold, hunger and fright and is now safe with his family,” said Kesupetswe.