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Foot and Mouth Outbreak in Hainaveld

The Department of Veterinary Services informs the public about the outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) in the Segongwana crush in the Hainaveld Veld West Protection Zone (2E) in Ngamiland District.

A press release from the department states that this follows the citing of sick cattle at the crush which were showing clinical signs consistent with FMD.

As a result of this suspected outbreak, farmers are expected to be vigilant and report any suspicious cases to the nearest veterinary offices.

However, farmers are requested not to suspect the animals themselves.

Farmers are further notified that movement of cloven hoofed animals and their fresh products within and out of Ngamiland District is prohibited with immediate effect until further notice.

While the public will be informed of further developments, surveillance and laboratory investigations are ongoing.

Department of Veterinary Services