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Former South African President Zuma refutes corruption charges

PRETORIA, Former South African President Jacob Zuma has refuted allegations of his misuse of public funds before the commission of inquiry into the corruption. I’ve been vilified, alleged to be the king of corrupt people, said Jacob Zuma, former South African President.

uma who termed the inquiry as a conspiracy against him is alleged to have indulged in massive corruption during his 9-year tenure before he was forced to resign by his political party, African National Congress (ANC), from office in 2018.

The former head of state is said to have favoured an Indian business family granting them lucrative public contracts. Dozens of Ministers, elected officials, business people and high ranking officials have given witness to the major corruption under Zuma.

77-year-old Zuma is yet to be officially charged, with the justice so far seeking him for bribes paid in an arms contract deal signed 20 years ago.

Source: NAM News Network