Fund helps Gasewarona achieve passion

The Youth Development Fund is a blessing to a number of unemployed youth. One of the blessed ones is Boniface Gasewarona who owns a gym in Tutume.

The gym business is slowly growing after realising that it is not only meant for muscle building but also caters for maintaining a good and healthy body. The gym, Healthy Fitness, is one of the many fitness centres popping up around the country which are aimed at serving different kinds of clients.

Having achieved his dreams through the youth development fund, Gasewarona started a fitness centre. He said following his passion is what made him successful. At the age of 27, Gasewarona said he has had time to work and gain experience in other fitness centres before he could start his own.

He said from childhood he liked muscle building and keeping healthy. Gasewarona said an increase in the non-communicable diseases is a worrisome factor which calls for regular exercise. He said one of the objectives of his business is to help people live a healthy life.

Besides that he said being healthy helps improve production and good results. He said people should get used to exercising and using gym rooms for the benefit of their health. He said his gym started well and he has already started counting his blessing because there is less competition and his advantage is the location of the business.

Having hired one youth, Gasewarona said he dreams of expanding his business and helping other unemployed youth. He said his business offers aerobics, weight lifting, body building and regular exercises.

He said although the business might seem smooth and profitable, that is not always the case because he faces challenges as the gym is a seasonal activity since he has more clients during summer than in winter. He suggested that in future the government should try helping the youth with business places because business spaces are sometimes expensive and require entrepreneurs who make profit.