Furniture Designing Pays Morebodi

| January 8, 2015

Passion and determination in furniture design led him enroll at the Selibe Phikwe Technical College in 1998 to pursue his National Craft certificate.

The Seleka born Lesego Morebodi, 34 explains that after completion of his vocational training life seemed to be tough because there were no job opportunities.

In an interview recently, Mr Morebodi said he treated the challenges as a learning curve to success since his passion and sheer determination in the designing industry gave him hope for success.

“I did not want to use lack of job market an obstacle hindering me to prosper in my chosen field,” he noted adding that he did not lend into the field by chance but with a dream of prosperity.

After a while he says he opted to visit Gaborone to seek employment where he managed to get engaged to different furniture shops.

“I got engaged to multiple companies that offered me relevant job experience to my knowledge such as Ekono furniture, Chobe design and ABES to mention a few,” he highlighted.

He said during his engagement to the companies he duly explored his skills and knowledge he had acquired from the vocational training to the best of his expectations.

He added that he wanted to gain experience that would however sometime be a breakthrough for his dream.

In 2008 Mr Morebodi said he wanted to be his own boss and he opened a business that he named Morex Interiors and was based at Gaborone.

“The company did well as it penetrated the market,” noted Morebodi adding that indeed the year 2008 was historical for him.

While still in the run of the business he says he was offered an opportunity to further his studies at Limkokwing University the same year in 2008 but he opted to make his business part time and focused much on his studies.

After his graduation in 2011 when he got Associate Degree in furniture design he did not look back rather he continued with his business.

He explained that he made a thorough market research on the people of Serowe where he said he uncovered lot of opportunities.

The budding entrepreneur further explains that after he discovered the opportunity he moved his company to Serowe locating it in Mhaswa ward just near to the Serowe main mall giving him aantage to access more customers.

Having been not financially assisted by any funding department, the sole proprietor explained that he managed to kick start his business through his savings when he was at work in Gaborone.

Meanwhile, he stated that during his start in Serowe there was no smooth sailing such that people doubted he could produce good quality finished products.

He said he proved them wrong to the extent that they were always amazed at his ability of producing amazing products.

The Morex Interiors business specializes in carmotor interior trimming and basically involves the manufacturing of car seats and interior designing as well as furniture goods.

Mr Morebodi says his customers are public transport operators and the public.

“My pricing is affordable to everyone and that is why I get a good platform for a number of customers coming to my business asking for my services,” he adds.

The Morex Interiors is therefore with the objective of reducing unemployment rate in this country that mostly saddens the youth. The business has engaged two employees.

Among the challenges he is facing in his business, Morebodi says lack of workshop capacity seems to be the most challenging. He says he has plans to expand the business but he remains optimistic that he has to work beyond with what he has currently.

He however pleaded with Batswana to support the upcoming entrepreneurs saying that they need the support in order for them to deliver as expected.

More interestingly, the ambitious youth aised the aspiring youth of this country to do a thorough market research before they can kick into a business they anticipate.

He added that market research is crucial for a successful business, he also urged them to stand up for themselves and create employment for themselves, and they should stop mentality of sitting and waiting for the government to do everything for them.

Mr Morebodi therefore applauded the introduction of vocational training institutions saying that they have a great impact in changing people’s lives.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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