Gaborone Bus Rank Beehive of Activitity

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Under the scotching sun and seemingly hopeless situation, multitudes queue to board buses to their festive holiday destinations.

On December 23, queues for Francistown-bound buses were almost a kilometre long with both the young and old having queued since morning. For those heading towards the south, buses were fullly parked and people were on long queues in other routes waiting for buses to return.

“These people have been waiting the whole morning,” said Mr Tsholofelo Tsimakwane, a bus conductor with Higer Look Sharp Co. “Most buses here have acquired temporary bus permits from transport but some of the routes appear to have no clients,” he suggested.

Mr Tsimakwane said a situation of long queues where people could stand from 8am to 12 noon especially for those travelling long distances could cause other problems.

“We have had situations where we had to offer people a ride at a lesser fee because they ended up using their transport money to buy food. Queues leave opportunity for thieves to pickpocket hence we end up being forced to rescue clients in the process which is quite costly,” he said.

BOPA caught up with Ms Anne Conte, an American Peace Corp who was waiting to board to Serowe. She said she had waited on the queue for about two hours.

“It is frustrating but understandable, the people here have been friendly. Towards festive it is normally congested like this even in my home country but the situation there is better because we buy a bus ticket beforehand and time is not wasted.” she said.

Mr Sekang Molefhe a regular vendor dangling boxes of Hungry Lions and water at the bus station said he did not make much money from the masses there contrary to the norm.

“Business is very low today, under ordinary circumstances we will go into buses and sell but today we were strictly not allowed to go into buses and sell,” he said.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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