Gaolathe Responds to State of Nation Address

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Member of Parliament for Gaborone Bonnington South, Mr Ndaba Gaolathe says there is nothing that stops the country from becoming one of the best in the world.

He said Botswana had a small population that should use its smallness as a competitive aantage. He said Parliament was one of the three critical arms of government important, but noted that this institution was strange as it does not have enough legal capacity to direct it.

Mr Gaolathe said it would be ideal to have an economics office that would do economic forecasting and should have the capacity to determine what effects projects would have on inflation and unemployment.

“I propose to you, this will aid the work of the executive and will not impede or sabotage the work of the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning,” he said. He further said having too many directors and chief executive officers without technical staff was failing the government.

MP Gaolathe said if there was a g legislature, able to deliberate on its work with diligence and excellence, this would help the executive and alleviate some of the burden that lied with the executive.

“This is something that the country must fix and it is not about the BDP, BCP or UDC, but it is about the future of our people, not only this generation, but generations to come after us,” he said. MP Gaolathe also condemned what he termed the trend that was manifesting in the incompetence of public institutions.

He said any country that wanted to uplift the lives of its people, alleviate poverty and have lofty aspirations must live in a culture of excellence and must bring people forward based on merit. “If we shun competence and side line people because they are not loyal, it is a sure way of destroying the country,” he said.

Mr Gaolathe said a country without g institutions that functioned and disallowed excellence to permeate, would surely fail. He gave an example of the multi-billion pula project of the Morupule B, adding that the Botswana Power Corporation was an institution in which excellence was not imbued.

On other issues, he said there was nothing tranquil or peaceful about the country if its own people do not have the faith in it.

He said when Batswana put effort to pursue their dreams they did not succeed if they do not know anyone in government enclave.The MP also said as the government in waiting, their role was not to govern the state nor to unduly criticise, but to monitor and inject ideas that could uplift the country if they were allowed to flourish.

“Our role is to direct those in power in a good direction, where we can and our interventions should be interpreted in that context,” he said.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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