General Conference Day 2 Highlights

| September 15, 2015

During the plenary session over 30 delegations took part in the debate. Their full statements are available here.

The 2015 Scientific Forum on Atoms in Industry opened today with over 300 delegates in attendance. This two-day event will be covering a number of areas of the peaceful application of nuclear science and technology in every-day life, from mobile phones to the food we eat, the water we drink, tracking mud levels in the sea and preserving our cultural heritage. (Watch video.)  IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano in his statement at the Forum talked of the importance of cutting-edge industrial technologies that underpin the success of strong economies, in developed and developing countries alike.

A  side event organized by the Department of Safeguards on The IAEA and Member States: Cooperation for Effective Verification focused on the progress made in modernizing the IAEA’s safeguards technical capabilities. Along with presenting current progress on the modernization undertaken, experts highlighted how the three-part effort involving analytical services, information technology and surveillance systems will help the IAEA to continue to ensure efficient and effective nuclear verification.

The IAEA at the Forefront of Fusion Energy Technology Development focused on the importance of international collaboration in making fusion technology a reality by the middle of this century.

Also today, during the Treaty Event (See photos), Botswana submitted its instrument of ratification of the Amendment to the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material (CPPNM) that brings the Amendment a step closer to entry into force.

Other side events held this Tuesday include:

  • The key-role of the medical physicist in providing quality and safety in medical uses of ionizing radiation gave an introduction to the key-role of the medical physicist in medical facilities and what the IAEA can do to support MS.
  • Accomplishments of the Coordination Group for Uranium Legacy Sites (CGULS) — Central Asian Perspectives reported on support that has been provided towards remediation of uranium legacy sites in Central Asia, and elsewhere as well as on a new initiative to create a multilateral fund to support remediation of uranium legacy sites in that region.
  • Security of Nuclear and Other Radioactive Material in Transport, the IAEA Practical Approach focused on the steps that have been taken to strengthen international transport security requirement and participants were also informed about the current and future activities to strengthen nuclear transport security worldwide.
  • 10 Year Anniversary of the IAEA's Incident and Emergency Centre (IEC) focussed on lessons learnt and the future of Emergency Preparedness and Response.
  • Regional Excellence Programme on Regulatory Capacity Building in Nuclear and Radiological Safety, and Emergency Preparedness and Response in Romania presented the scope of the achievements and improvements in nuclear safety in Romania, through a project supported by Norway.
  • Candidate Sourcing and Recruitment Strategy presented an update of the IAEA’s approach to candidate sourcing and recruitment strategy with a particular focus on applicants from under-represented and non-represented Member States and well qualified female applicants.
  • The European Commission and IAEA Cooperation: Enhancing the Effective Regulatory Infrastructure for Nuclear Safety in IAEA Member States provided an overview of the activities and accomplishments of the European Commission in the field of Regulatory Effectiveness.
  • Atoms for Peace and Development: The IAEA and the Post-2015 Development Goals provided the IAEA’s vision for the safe, peaceful and secure use of nuclear technology in support of sustainable development.

Among the exhibits featured today was ATLAS (Advanced Thermal Hydraulic Test Loop for Accident Simulation) by the Republic of Korea which is referred to as a milestone in ensuring the safety of nuclear energy as it perfectly simulates all major systes of light water reactors. 

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