Ghanzi Has Potential for Tourism

Ghanzi district has a potential for tourism enterprise with its natural resources and landscape features, says Botswana Tourism Organization (BTO) Chief Executive Officer Mr Thabo Dithebe.

Mr Dithebe said this over the weekend during the official opening of the annual Ghanzi agricultural show.

He said there is a huge potential for development of tourism industry that focus on the culture and heritage in the district through cultural festivals; and the unique and highly sought after art and crafts from the district.

BTO, Mr Dithebe said has a strategic decision to diversify by creating and supporting sports and adventure events around the country.

BTO has been working with the local show committee in developing the Ghanzi horse race which has shown growth over the past two years, with all activities including event marketing and promotions, branding of the race as well as prize money amongst others.

He also said his organization has pledged its support for the Kuru Festival and vow to revive it to grow into international status.

He said activities such as the Ghanzi horse race help promote the district and its offerings and also has huge economic returns that span the entire business value chain. Ghanzi agricultural show’s main objective is farming, adventure and inspiration.

The show continues to inspire both young and old in farming areas; while also providing the much needed adventure through sport tourism in horse racing.

Held under the theme ‘Practicing Smart Agriculture to Combat Effects of Climate Change,’

Mr Dithebe said the way in which the utilization and dispensing of resources is of utmost importance. He said climate change not only affects the agricultural sector but also the tourism sector as well as human lifeboat.

Source : BOPA