Ghanzi Second Division Teams Prepare for New Season

Kgalagardi and Ghanzi districts over the president’s day holidays hosted an inter district tournament as a preseason practice for their second division teams named after the two districts as Kgaga.

The chairperson of the tournament organizing committee Thulaganyo Mbish said the tournament was established in 2009 after they have observed that the teams from both districts were failing to be promoted in the first division league and the premier league of the country because of poor preparations

He said they came up the idea of the tournament as a way to build relationships and benchmark from each other and prepare for the new season.

Mbish said the tournament is an annual event, and does not limit coaches on the number of players to be substituted from each side.

He said the participating teams contributed P2 000 each towards the tournament. Mbish said they expected ted ten teams to participate but only five turned up and the other five could not participate because ogf some financial constraints.

He said this year the participating teams were Gantsi terrors, Lehututu golden arrows, Letsepa Wonderers, Ncojane Young Stars and Moselebe Young Fighters from Hukuntsi.

Ncojane Young Stars were crowned the champions and walk away with 2700 pula after defeating Moselebe Young Fighters from Hukuntsi 2-1.