Gilika New BMC Owner

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Former Gaborone United official, Kelesitse Gilika, is now the owner of BMC Football Club, it was announced during a press briefing on December 16.

Daroush Ghodrati, of the New Era School fame, said during the press briefing that his family found it prudent to hand the club over to Gilika because he was an astute businessman who had proved to be passionate about the game. He said he also had many years of experience in a number of clubs.

Ghodrati, who also freely acquired the club from Botswana Meat Commission last year, said his family was extremely proud and confident that Gilika and his management would grow the club.

He said they would be working alongside Gilika in various capacities to bring growth, success and prosperity to BMC and its supporters. “Our love and involvement in football has been growing, the relationships we built and experiences we have forged have reinforced our desire to make a difference in the community we are always ready to serve,” he said.

He said the hardships and struggles they had endured only served to make them ger and more determined. He said the Ghodrati’s were willing to work alongside all those who shared the same vision and dedication as them by bringing a level of commitment and professionalism to the game.

He further said the Ghodrati family had come a long way since August 2013, contributing to BMC Football Club and shaping a formidable team.

He said they strived to heighten the level of the club and its proffeionalism in many ways by providing distinguished accommodation, and training facilities as well as demanding a higher level of respect for their players through motivation and foresight. “Opening doors and offering opportunities to our youth in Botswana has been our objective, and by no means do we intend to stop,” he said.

For his part, Gilika said he appreciated the contribution the Ghodrati family continued to offer the club considering that the running of a football club in Botswana was expensive and a daunting task. He noted that their seasonal budget was P2.4 million.

He said the Ghodrati family had offered the club a “parachute sponsor” which would help the club. Gilika said he had registered a company and that they were in the process of changing the club’s name after they were given the green light by the Botswana Football Association to Gilport Lions Clubs.

“At the moment we will continue to use the name BMC until we win the championship because, according to BFA we cannot change the name midseason,” he said.

He said because they found a niche amongst the youth, they had resorted to change the colours to purple, pink and orange, adding that they would donate all the gatetakings accrued in their pink game to the Cancer Association of Botswana.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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