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Good Health, wellness essential in workplace

Minister of Health, Ms Dorcas Makgato says workplace wellness has been identified as one of the main initiatives going forward.

Speaking at the commemoration of wellness week in Gaborone, Ms Makgato said wellness in a workplace helps the organisation to attain a healthy, safe and productive workforce.

She said the government was responsible for driving health system efficiency and regulation whereas individuals and communities were responsible for their health and lifestyles.

Minister Makgato urged all the participants at the wellness day to adopt good lifestyle such as eating well balance diet, exercising regularly and commit to good ways of managing stress.

In his remarks, Dr Kgosidialwa Mompati of Tati River hospital in Francistown spoke about a number of diseases such as hypertension, TB and cardiovascular diseases which can be prevented.

He said hypertension was a global health problem which modeled global projections indicate that it would increase to 1.15 billion by 2015.

He noted that in Botswana national prevalence of hypertension was estimated to be 16.9 per cent in males and 18.9 per cent in females.

Dr Mompati also told participants that most of the cardiovascular disease could be prevented by addressing behavioural risk factors.

He said tobacco use, unhealthy diet and physical inactivity put one in danger of these diseases.

The coordinator of the wellness week activities, Ms Maureen Mpho highlighted that the annual event was appropriate as it served as a platform to spread the message and educate employees of the ministry on health and wellness issues.

The three days wellness week covered various activities and a screening process.