Government Vows to Fight Unemployment – Batshu

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The Member of Parliament (MP) for Nkange, Mr Edwin Batshu has assured residents of Nswazwi that government was working around the clock to fight unemployment among Batswana, particularly the youth.

Addressing a kgotla meeting in Nswazwi on December 16, Mr Batshu, also the Minister for Labour and Home Affairs, said unemployment rate stood at 17.8 per cent, adding that it was low compared to other Southern African countries, but high for a small population like Botswana.

Mr Batshu said the government as per the President’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) was going to intensify efforts to create employment. He said most mega projects that were deferred would be done to create employment for many during the ongoing National Development Plan 10(NDP10).

He said that they were confident that the ongoing-Kazungula Bridge would create employment for a number of people, resulting in reduced unemployment rate. He added that the government intends going out to search for foreign investors to come and set up businesses, which would create employment opportunities.

On other issues, Mr Batshu informed the residents that there was still no permanent solution to the problem of illegal immigrants but they would keep on returning them to their country.

“If we can get tired of returning them, the situation will get out of control and hence fail Batswana since the government will have failed to take up its responsibilities,” he said.

Meanwhile, the residents complained that there was no labour office at Tutume and are expected to travel to Francistown to hear their cases despite that the office visits them weekly.

They noted that the arrangement was costly. In his response, Mr Batshu said at one point, they were serviced at Masunga and later at Francistown. He said due to shortage of manpower, the plans they had about the office did not materialise.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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