Govt Aances War On Poverty

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As a way of aancing war on poverty, government is seeking new methods such as enticing business people to invest in rural areas to create jobs.

Addressing a kgotla meeting at Takatokwane in Letlhakeng Sub-district on November 27, the Assistant Minister for Presidential Affairs and Public Administration, Mr Phillip Makgalemele said this would go hand-in-hand with the already existing initiatives such as affirmative action.

He also informed the residents that government was open to suggestions from the public on the possibility of increasing the 45 existing projects under the affirmative action, and that people should suggest alongside what could work better for their villages.

Mr Makgalemele said it often took time before people were assisted under various poverty eradication programmes because of the necessary procedure which includes among others, sensitising the public and assessment of potential beneficiaries.

He, however, assured them that his ministry would soon meet with all the relevant stakeholders to come up with ways of speeding up the process. The assistant minister also aised residents to consider rain water harvesting during rainy seasons as this could come in handy especially in areas with water shortage.

He said in the past, some projects collapsed because beneficiaries could not pay the high water bills, and said that rain water harvesting could also help to cushion water bills.

On other government plans, Makgalemele said they were currently doing an inventory of unused government assets such as boreholes to come up with ways of fully utilising them in the fight against poverty.

He said soon they would also review the policy on people living with disabilities to cater for their caretakers who care for such persons on a full time basis.

Mr Makgalemele aised civil servants to take responsibility of educating the community on poverty eradication programmes, and that the community should equally take the responsibility of ensuring the care of things they had been given under such projects.

On other issues, Mr Makgalemele said government does not discriminate when it comes to spreading developments across the country. He said the fact that Takatokwane has a tarmac road passing through it while other villages lack such is an indication that resources are shared equally.

Mr Makgalemele was responding after some residents accused government of discrimination when it comes to developments, saying their area is lagging behind in most basic amenities.

Earlier, the chairperson of the Village Development Committee, Ms Annah Diatla said there are currently 358 people who have been assessed in the village, of which 22 have already been assisted while 121 have been trained. She said 320 are still awaiting various assistance.

Ms Diatla said there are 57 destitute persons in her village, with three being temporary destitutes while people living with disabilities are 41. She also raised a concern that Basarwa in their village are the most lagging behind in terms of assistance, and suggested that they should be grouped in one place so they could easily be identified and assisted.

She also complained that most people who have been rejected under various poverty eradication programmes still wallow in poverty.

Giving welcome remarks, Kgosi Makgabana Tsiane called on government to try new methods in the fight against poverty in addition to the already tried and tested programmes.

He also requested for enough housing for many civil servants in his village.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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