Govt Committed to Moving Botswana Forward

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Member of Parliament for Shoshong, Mr Phillip Makgalemele says government is determined to move the country forward through uplifting the lives of Batswana as well as developing the country.

Responding to the President’s State-of-the-Nation Address, November 24, Mr Makgalemele said some of the criticisms made by opposition MPs were misleading. He said it was regrettable that when members of the ruling party win tenders, they were termed tender-preneurs, yet those from the opposition were called successful business persons.

He said the Citizen Economic Empowerment Policy was one of the government’s employment creation policies, adding that the EDD had created 28 000 jobs and had even gone further to develop a complementary programme through councils called the Local Economic Development Programme.

The MP said ISPAAD was also a wealth creation policy capable of having made small farmers make a living by selling cash-crop products such as beans. As such, MPs should assist in educating farmers about ISPAAD for the benefit of subsistence farmers.

Mr Makgalemele said it was also misleading for opposition MPs to tell the nation that Ipelegeng was the only programme that BDP had ever implemented to create employment because, through Ipelegeng a number of people employed had benefited a lot and had remained so consistently over a period of time.

He said as part of moving the country forward, poverty would be eradicated in the country through aggressive efforts. He said alternative packages currently stood at 45, with a huge potential for moving people from poverty levels to wealth levels.

“We have since decided that communities present new business ideas which can be added to the 45 alternative packages. This is an example of a government that is committed to improving its programmes and ensuring that its people benefit from existing programmes,” he said.

Goodhope-Mabule MP, Mr James Mathokgwane echoed disappointment over the delay in coming up with a policy for People Living with Disabilities (PLWDs) by government.

He said as a result, PLWDs had no access to financial services no access to decent jobs as well as no access to specialised healthcare and rehabilitation facilities.

“I implore the ministry responsible to expedite this policy so that most of our people may find help and have hope to fulfilled life,” he pleaded.

Although Mr Mathokgwane hailed the MOSISEDI farm project as a step in the right direction by Borolong farmers, he noted that government should provide them with infrastructure, including farmers not within MOSISEDI to improve produce from farms.

He also complained that health personnel was remunerated unfairly regardless of their qualifications.

He said it was deplorable and unacceptable that nurses were made to do non-nursing duties such as administrative work and consulting in the absence of doctors, but still do not get paid for the job done.

He further said HIVAIDS response is also stagnated. “National structures such as National AIDS Coordinating Agency and National AIDS Council seem to have put their feet off the pedestal,” he said, attributing the problem to poor ministerial and national leadership.

Mr Mathokgwane also said government is in the habit of praising the ARV provision and not putting in place prevention mechanisms. He also decried poor sanitation at Goodhope Senior Secondary School that is caused by shortage of water.

“The school has been closed about twice because of situations emanating from lack of water,” he said. He pointed out that students were sometimes forced to have their meals late at night or not at all they also have had to relieve themselves in the bush, which he said is unhygienic.

On other issues he said roads in his constituency had been neglected for many years, citing the Phitshane-MolopoMabule road, which he said is in a bad state.

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Source : Botswana Daily News

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