Govt Works to Augument Grazing Land in Kgalagadi

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Lands and housing minister, Mr Prince Maele, told Parliament on December 9 that he was aware that shortage of grazing land has been a burning issue in Kgalagadi District, inclusive of Kgalagadi North Constituency.

He said in 2001, a portion of wildlife management area around Kang (KD6) which is within Kgalagadi North Constituency was de-zoned to augment communal grazing land.

Furthermore, proposals to augment communal grazing land around Kang and Inalegolo in Kgalagadi North Constituency were made in 2010 during the review of the National Land Use Map. Mr Maele said the areas proposed for de-zoning were retained as Wildlife Management Areas as they formed part of the wildlife migratory routes.

“I wish to underscore the fact that while there is a need to also recognize other land uses that are equally important to the economy of the Kgalagadi District, that notwithstanding, my ministry will continue to monitor the situation in collaboration with other stakeholders,” he said.

Kgalagadi North Member of Parliament, Mr Itumeleng Moipisi had wanted the minister to explain whether he was aware that shortage of grazing land had been a burning issue over the years in Kgalagadi North Constituency, and what would he do to remedy the situation.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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