Guma Calls for Response to Youth Unemployment

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The MP for Tati East, Mr Samson Guma has called on the government to swiftly respond to the issue of youth unemployment in the country.

Responding to the State-of-the-Nation address in Parliament on November 19, Mr Guma said unemployment was disturbing and rife amongst youth, and that it needed to be fought collectively.

He said the government had not done much to diversify the economy that was able to create enough jobs for citizens. He said the government should consider using the agricultural sector and mineral beneficiation to unpack unemployment.

On other issues, the MP said most youth in his constituency depended on cattle, and that the Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) continued to be a threat to livestock in his area. Mr Guma said his neighbours in Plumtree constantly had an outbreak of the disease which hampered farmer’s attempts to make gains out of the cattle industry.

Mr Guma said the FMD issue needed an integrated SADC approach as it would continue to impoverish Batswana. He continued to say that the government should find alternative ways to assist people who entirely depend on livestock, and noted that a collective effort was needed to fight the disease that was also a problem in Ngamiland.

Meanwhile, the MP for Kanye South, Mr Abram Kesupile said the government had failed Batswana with empty promises.

He complained of inaccessible roads in his constituency, adding that the country remained with bad roads whereas during campaigns prior to the just ended elections, promises were rife that roads would be urgently attended to as the economy had improved.

Mr Kesupile also stated that unemployment among young people was high and that the government only boasted of hopeless programmes such as Tirelo Setshaba and internship to address youth problems.

On land shortage, Mr Kesupile said the government had failed to deliver, noting that in 2007 – 2012, out of 5 700 people who had applied for land in Ngwaketse, only 749 were allocated out of the 829 applications assessed.

Mr Kesupile also called for the review of the policy that catered for the destitute people because it disaantaged some of them after falling off the bracket of people catered for under the programme.

He said non-governmental organisations (NGOs) aocating for women were not sufficiently budget for, adding that the Department of Gender Affairs in the Southern District was running short of vehicles and adequate staff to assist women in his constituency.

Mr Kesupile said the world class education system that was articulated in the State-of-the-Nation address speech was a far-fetched dream as the recommendations of the revised national policy on education were not implemented.

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Source : Botswana Daily News

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