Healthy Lifestyle Key in Fighting Diabetes

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Residents of Tati Town in Francistown have been urged to prevent diabetes by taking proper steps and staying away from predisposing factors of lifestyle.

Addressing residents on World Diabetes Commemoration day on Friday, November 14 at Tati-Town Kgotla, Nyangababwe Hospital Superintendent, Dr Malaki Tshipayagae informed the public about the dangers of diabetes.

He said Donga Clinic has been designated to assist diabetes patients, adding that they consult 14 thousand diabetes patients in a year. Dr Tshipayagae urged the public to change the level of sugar in diabetes in their body by eating a healthy diet.

Most health experts recommend people to stay active, maintain an ideal body weight, and eat a balanced diet which is high in fibre and healthy fats, he added. He also aised them to seek professional help if they notice their glucose levels rising.

“There have been clinical trials linking participants who lost weight and increased their physical activity to a 58 per cent reduced risk of developing diabetes,” said Dr Tshipayagae.

Giving a testimony, Ms Lesedi Duna said that she was diagnosed with diabetes ten years ago. She noted that she discovered this when she was pregnant. Ms Duna said many people believe that when someone is diagnosed with diabetes it is the end of their lives.

She said she was hurt when she discovered the truth and gave her life to Jesus. She is living by using an injection medication. Ms Duna said during her journey living with diabetes she formed a support group that helped her maintain good medication control.

She said if someone has diabetes she or he should maintain his or her happiness and sadness at all the times.

Furthermore, Ms Duna mentioned that her mother who is late was also diagnosed with diabetes. She encouraged the public to eat healthy foodstuffs such as roughages and exercise in order to live longer.

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Source : Botswana Daily News

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