Hire locals – Batshu (Botswana Daily News)

| September 6, 2015

Minister of Labour and Home Affairs, Mr Edwin Batshu has urged companies sub-contracted by Orapa, Letlhakane and Damtshaa Mines to localise jobs.

Minister Batshu said during a kgotla meeting in Orapa on Thursday September 3 that he has been informed that companies sub-contracted by the mines recruit from their own countries of origin most importantly artisan and technician jobs. He noted that unemployment rate was high in Botswana and therefore importation of labour should be catered for with a plan to localise vacancies.

He said he could not understand why a company contracted in Botswana has to recruit foreigners while skilled personnel are abundant locally.

Minister Batshu advised the department of Labour and Home Affairs against renewing the work permits of expatriates working in the mines, if the mines fail to localise jobs.

He further informed residents of Orapa that government’s expectation was to have productive workplaces in Botswana so that organisations may not collapse. Good working relations, he said, was highly encouraged in the workplace, stating that both employer and employee should respect each other.

All laws, the minister said, should be complied with, citing that both employer and employee should both comply to create good working environment.

Mr Batshu said both employee and employer have rights and should therefore have good cooperation on addressing labour issues. He noted that if an employee is injured in the workplace, an employer should devise means that could provide for his well-being in the working environment

One of the residents, Mr Moroka Moreri expressed concern that there was lack of accommodation in Orapa, noting that a large number of people were commuting from Letlhakane.

Mr Moreri called for the inclusion of Orapa Township in development plans. He said it was essential to have a future plan for the mining town that should further pave way for it to be open.

Mr Moreri also complained that employees working for sub-contracted companies did not have trade unions. Ms Nyaladzi Oitsile called for review of the children’s Act that requires fathers to be included in the birth certificate.

She expressed concern that mothers were expected to produce consenting letters from the fathers while travelling with their children, whilst the two were not even in good contact with each other.

Mr Mukani Molebatsi complained that government does not monitor the operations of trade unions, and called for review of trade dispute Act.

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