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Member of Parliament for Kanye North, Mr Patrick Ralotsia says it is important for legislators to tell the electorate the truth about issues that concern them and the country.

Commenting on the State-of-the-Nation Address Wednesday, Mr Ralotsia argued that the electorate voted MPs to Parliament because they trusted them to address the challenges that continued to face them in their daily lives.

Consequently, he said he was happy that President Lt Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama was able, in his address, to tell Batswana the truth about the state of the economy following the 200809 global financial crisis.

Again, he said he was happy that employees were not laid off at the time and civil servants continued to get their salaries, adding even some recession allowance was introduced in an effort to cushion the effects of the economic crisis.

Thus, he applauded President Khama for telling Batswana that the country had successfully negotiated the storm of the economic downturn and can look forward to better days ahead, with economic growth buttressed by reduced inflation.

That, he said, was a result of prudent economic and financial management by the BDP-led government, as alluded to by President Khama in his address. The MP also said that again showed the confidence that the electorate had on President Khama and his party to run the country.

As a result, he said the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) president, and also Leader of Opposition, Mr Duma Boko was right in saying “the electorate spoke with stunning eloquence on the 24 October 2014.” That, he said was indeed true and that was why Batswana voted the BDP back into power.

On the other hand, he said it seemed some parties, particularly the opposition wanted to make it appear like they loved civil servants more than the BDP government did. That, he said was unfair for the opposition to try and cause conflict between government and the civil service.

He argued that civil servants should be left to provide services to all Batswana diligently and serve them equally regardless of their political affiliation. Again, he argued civil servants also played a vital role as government aisors and developmental partners.

Mr Ralotsia commended the civil servants for continuing to provide services to Batswana despite challenges that they were faced with.

On his constituency, Mr Ralotsia thanked the electorate as well as everyone who had supported him to be voted to Parliament, saying it was proof that people nowadays did not vote for people just because they were well-known.

Thus, he promised to work hard in addressing their concerns in Parliament. He said his constituents would be happy to have good roads and a stadium.

He also said the ISPAAD programme, with the necessary support, would benefit his constituents and help Batswana open businesses in the constituency, which would in turn create jobs for others.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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