Horse Owners Call for Sponsors

| January 6, 2015

Some local horse owners have appealed for more sponsors to support the horse race events which have become a rich tradition of Maun community

They said horse race has become the biggest holiday sports event in Botswana, bringing thousands of visitors to Maun hence the need to host it more often.

Horse owners expressed their views after the Fresh Exclusive Company brought excitement to Maun over the New Year’s Eve when it hosts its first horse race activity at Sakaomba farm, 3km away from Maun along Ghanzi road.

Speaking on behalf of local horse owners, Philip Wright said to rear and manage horses is costly and if they do not compete “we would be running a losing business.

It is important to host more events so that our horses compete even internationally.”

He said needed more sponsors so that they could upgrade their racing grounds.

He said currently good racing grounds are a challenge in the country due to financial constraints.

He said the sport has grown and attracted more participants across the country.

Wright also said they rear good breed which could compete across the border such as Lesotho, Namibia and South Africa.

He expressed happiness that in 2014, they participated in more than four events which he said was good for them.

He said initially, the event was held once a year, saying that was a great loss to horse owners.

He said another challenge was lack of horse breeders in the country, saying currently they buy good breed from as far as Namibia and South Africa which he said it was expensive.

Meanwhile, the event attracted participants as far as Ghanzi, Werda, Charleshill, Maun and the surrounding villages and the competition focused on the 800m, 1000m, 1200m, and 2200m races.

This exciting race brought together more Tswana and Thorough breed horses.

Charleshill horses owned by Doom Kajuu dominated the race as most of his horses won all the races with position one.

He brought three pure Thorough Breed horses and managed to walk away with a price money of over P20 000.

His horse namely ‘Chase Me’ won the grand race and became the overall winner of all races.

One of the event organisers, Khumo Mogaetsho commended horse owners for a job well done. He noted that they made the event a success even though they were informed about it late.

“This time we targeted elders and children to give them an exciting New Year because we have realised that the event is a thriller to the Maun community.

Mogaetsho further said although the event was a success, it did not attract more participants as expected and assured the horse lovers a better event in 2015.

He said they want to host the event annually for five years noting that next year they wish to extend their invitation across the border.

He said the race was not only meant for fun but it also gave small business owners a chance to set up exhibition and food stalls for sale.

Mogaetsho said the event is open to any sponsor.

The event was sponsored at the tune of P52 000.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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