Humanitarian policy: The highs and lows of 2019 so far

There's no shortage of controversies and challenges for the humanitarian sector this year: from biometrics to Brexit, or from counter-terrorism to countering sexual abuse.

Set-piece UN policy discussions wrapped up in Geneva on Wednesday with an unusual dispute. US diplomats wanted to change the wording of an annual resolution that summarises the international agenda on humanitarian response. They wanted new anti-abortion language. A compromise text could not be agreed, and the US changes were rejected by a public vote.

As well as the formal UN event, this week saw a flurry of side-meetings among donors, and NGOs.

Time then for a select reading list to mark the gatherings. Topics we covered this year on the policy beat include innovation, cash-based aid, fraud, Venezuela, Ebola, and fragile states.

We looked back to Rwanda 1994. We profiled local relief operators, and USAID investigators.

And, in the coming weeks, we'll be taking stock of the nexus, the Grand Bargain, and other reforms, as well as keeping on top of data protection debates and all the latest innovations.

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Source: The New Humanitatian