Independence celebration preparations on track

| January 19, 2016

Bot50’s principal programmes officer, Mr Bofelo Gabothuse, says preparations for the long awaited 2016 independence celebrations are progressing well.

Speaking at a media briefing in Francistown recently, Mr Gabothuse said they had implementations committees in each districts so as to carry out the independence celebrations preparations country wide and with every Motswana being involved. 

He said Bot50, had lined up activities that would create an excitement in Botswana so that by September 30, everyone would be in a happy mood and ready for independence.

These activities would include ideas ‘bank’ where Batswana would have opportunities to submit proposals to help come up with new ideas to develop this year’s independence celebrations. 

He said they also have a theme song which Batswana should listen and use as a platform to disseminate information and know that independence is around the corner. 

Another activity is Bot50 APP which Batswana would use to share ideas with each other and understand more with regard to what activities were going on about independence. 

Mr Gabothuse further said as Bot50 they intend to collaborate with Botswana Post to help with commemorative postage and stamps. 

He said other activities include pioneers parades were they will be showcasing founders and world war veterans so as to let Batswana know their heroes. 

He said they also intend to have radio debates and discussions about Botswana at 50 years to discuss the history of Botswana now, then and future.

Mr Gabothuse said as Bot50, they want to produce a publication where Batswana will read about the history of Botswana in future. He said they also want to have interfaith services where different religions will be coming together and work in one accord. 


Mr Gabothuse said also at the end of the 50th independence celebrations they want to have managed to introduce a cultural heritage month in the national calendar to see Botswana branded blue, black and white. BOPA

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