International Conference on Global Surgery 2017

| January 30, 2017

What: International Conference on Global Surgery 2017

When: 1st � 3rd February 2017

Where: The African Union Commission - Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Who: Directorate of Medical and Health Services, Department of Social Affairs and Pan African Association of Surgeons (PAAS).

Why: The World Health Assembly in May 2015 recognized Surgery and Anesthesia as essential components of Primary Health Care. Surgery has an essential role to play in preventing death and disability and improving the health of communities. However, it is estimated that 5 billion people or 70% of the world population has no access to surgical care and anesthesia especially in developing countries. It has also been estimated that up to 15% of all deaths are due to surgically preventable conditions. The consequence of this is a bigger burden of disability and increased poverty.

Surgical providers in Africa are cognizant of the fact that the bold targets of the Africa Health Strategy and the aspirations of Agenda 2063 for inclusive growth and sustainable development cannot be achieved without improved coverage of Surgery in Africa. Surgery is therefore a critical component in assuring healthy human capital.

Specifically, the conference will discuss the following key issues on Global Surgery in Africa: Essential Surgical care and Anesthesia as part of Universal Health Coverage; Appropriate workforce training and education; The place of Surgery in Global Health in 2017 and beyond; PAAS partnership with international organizations for Global Surgical care and Anesthesia; Creating an enabling environment for safe, high quality, affordable Surgery and Anesthesia in Africa.

Objectives: The conference will define key actions for Global Surgery implementation in Africa. It will mobilize financial support and raise awareness among Governments and health policy makers in African countries on key policy issues as it relates to Surgery and Anesthesia in Africa.

Participants: African Ministers of Health and Education; AU Commissioner for Social Affairs, HE Dr. Mustapha Sidiki Kaloko; AU Commissioner for Human Resource Science and Technology, HE Dr. Martial De-Paul Ikounga; President of Pan African Association of Surgeons; Representatives of AU Member States; Members of the Diplomatic Community; and staff of the AU Commission. Others include policy makers, academics, health practitioners and researchers in global surgery and health financing from Africa and beyond.

Journalists are invited to cover the Event.

Source: African Union Commission (AUC).


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