Ispaad Helps Attain Food Security

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Government is committed to assisting farmers increase their production and attain food security through the ISPAAD programme, Vice President, Mr Mokgweetsi Masisi, has said.

Mr Masisi, who is also MoshupaManyana MP, said this when addressing a kgotla meeting at Ralekgetho on December 17.

The residents received with ululations the message that they would be provided with free fertilisers and herbicides to control weeds up to five hectares, free seeds and cluster fencing to reduce destructions of fields by animals. They were also informed that government, through ISPAAD, would pay tractor owners who ploughed for farmers.

Mr Masisi indicated that ISPAAD programme had done well this year in that production was increased by 500 per cent compared to past year’s. The Vice President appealed to farmers to take the programme seriously to produce more food for themselves and the country.

He said the programme had been praised by the international community for its sustainability and aised farmers to purchase farm equipment, especially tractors which were in good condition.

He also thanked Ralekgetho residents for voting him back to Parliament for the second term, saying he appreciated their support, which saw him ascend to the vice presidency. “Ke tsile go leboga go bo le mphile boikarabelo ka tlhopho ya lona, re ne re le fa re ipala mabala a kgaka mo go lona, la bona nna fela,” he said.

Mr Masisi, also the Minister of Education and Skills Development, further told residents that although the vice presidency came with additional responsibilities, which might require him to attend to other national duties countrywide and abroad, he would continue working tirelessly for the development of the constituency and the country.

He said economic recession stalled some promised development projects noting that due to budgetary constraints some projects had been deferred to NDP 11.

The Vice President said because the economy was showing signs of recovery, government would cancel debts accumulated during the recession period besides carrying on with developments that had been shelved.

The government, he said, had taken a deliberate decision to maintain dilapidated infrastructure before moving on with new projects. He also commended residents for working together with him in developing the constituency rather than relying solely on government for assistance.

Mr Masisi encouraged public servants in his constituency to serve members of the community patiently, efficiently and harmoniously and with dignity.

Earlier, Kgosi Mr Kgomotso Selotlego of Ralekgetho appreciated the President for appointing Mr Masisi as his vice, stating that it showed that Mr Masisi was a hard worker. Kgosi Selotlego also appreciated ISPAAD programme, saying most farmers managed to harvest a lot.

However, he requested the vice president to assist with the upgrading of Ralekgetho Kgotla into a court of records. The Village Development Committee also requested for vehicles at the health post and Kgotla, including the tarmacking of the MoshupaRalekgetho road.

Commenting, one elderly man, Mr Ben Sennanyana thanked the government and the President for finding it fit to appoint Mr Masisi the vice president, stating that would ensure speedy delivery of development to their constituency.

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Source : Botswana Daily News

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